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Future lover. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vivian, but all my closes friends call me Vy. I am a nomadic goddess who travels solo across latitudes and longitudes; providing the finest in companionship and sensual entertainment.


Of the many love languages to speak, I possess the gift of cheer and aurora. You will be instantly taken by my dazzling smile bursting with tales of adventure. Rest, assured, any preoccupations and stresses of the day will be instantly melted away before you even close the door.


I have a knack for creating atmosphere. When the sun is too bright you put on a pair of shades. When the world is too much, you come to see me. Whether for celebration, detox, or curiosity, I am always able to cook up the perfect custom fit experience for you.


I must confess, I am a huge fan of the oral arts. (ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING). I find it to be the most intimate form of expression. Truly above all else is the feeling of another’s lips pressed against your own. Full and lushes; my lips were made for kissing. I will much delight in exploring the human anatomy with them.


Other than this domain you will not find me on any other social media. Here alone, I provide a bit more about my interests, as well as editorials and reviews. As always, I prefer a private face to face meet up to share myself with you. Today is a perfect day for love…



Let’s create some magic





This experience will change the way you see passion forever. My easy and open personality makes it possible to build truly dynamic memories without hassle..


Your pleasure comes packed with tons of great options! How we reach it is up to you. Combine and arrange my menu in any order. The possibilities are endless.


Our time has been designed with you in mind. No matter how you arrive, and no matter how you feel, your essence will be uplifted.


I am here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that your woman will be updating and improving for years to come. Build intimacy with a mistress on top of a powerful foundation.

"A life of almost is a life of never. "

Don’t miss your chance! Read the instructions on my contact page for information on how to book an appointment.

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(Touring Internationally Starting 2017)

Minneapolis, MN (Downtown)

Sunday April 2nd , Monday April 3rd

Madison, WI (Downtown)

Wednesday April 5th

Milwaukee, WI (Downtown)

Thursday April 6th

Chicago, IL (Downtown/Suburbs)

Friday April 7th, Saturday April 8th, Sunday April 9th

Des Moines, IA (Downtown)

Monday April 10th

Omaha, NE (Downtown)

Tuesday April 11th, Wednesday April 12th

Kansas City, MO (Downtown)

Thursday April 13th

St. Louis, Mo (Downtown)

Friday April 14th, Saturday April 15th

Nashville, TN (Brentwood)

Sunday April 16th, Monday April 17th

Indianapolis, IN (Downtown)

April 18th

Cincy, OH (Downtown)

Wednesday April 19th

Detroit, MI (Novi)

Tuesday April 25th, Wednesday April 26th

Cleveland, OH (Independence)

Thursday April 27th

Columbus, OH (Worthington)

Friday March April 28th, Saturday April 29thh

Washington D.C. (Tyson’s Corner)

Sunday March 26th, Monday March 27th

Baltimore, MD (BWI)

Wednesday March 29th

Richmond, VA (Downtown)

Thursday March 30th

Norfolk, VA(Downtown)

Friday March 31st


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Solutions for all Mankind

“I support review culture. I can’t tell you how many times I saw an experience that caught my eye and wasn’t sure if it was really worth my time. Luckily I can look up reviews by others to help me make a better informed decesion. I don’t see why I wouldn’t extend the same opportunity to you. In an industry that requires discretion, this is the best way to see more of what is to come . Keep in mind, some reviews are downright NASTY (in a good way). If you are an imaginative sort of guy and prefer to create your own fantasy, don’t read the reviews. Take my website as evidence enough that you will have a good time.”

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Two hearts, two minds and two bodies moving at once – intimacy at its finest. Do you wish your girlfriend was a little nastier, a little more open-minded? Do you wish your wife could love you like she used to? Have you never had the intimate experience you deserve?


This is not something just thrown onto the menu for the hell of it. If you want a role play, I will deliver. Whether it’s a specific, detailed fantasy of yours or something general you want me to cook up, I love a committed role play.


I’m happy to provide this at my GFE rate. Sit back, relax and let me take care of everything. Perhaps you want to be dominated in a gentle, sensual way? Or you want someone to take charge and put you in your place?


I have a treasure chest full of toys. Making you squirm with a selection of strap ons is my specialty. Watching your face as I use fire and ice oils all over your body. Or lightly touching you with ticklers and other toys. For those who love to be penetrated by I woman, I offer plenty of options.


So, you want me to be your bitch? You want me to know that my place is on my knees serving you? You want to punish me harshly when I disobey? I’m happy to be your submissive with very few restrictions (no scat play, hair pulling or hard nipple pinching).


My signature massage combines Thai and Swedish techniques with hot aromatherapy oil. Refresh your Sen Energy with Thai accupressure, reflexology, and light stretches. Restore your physical body with Swedish effleurage (gliding) and petrissage (kneading). This treatment covers the entire body with your choice of coconut or lemongrass oils.


There’s a little more about me you might like to know.


(Sommelier in the making. The constant struggle between red and white is real. Favorite grape varietal at the moment: Syrah)


(I have been to 31 states, 3 continents. To say I like to travel is an understatement)



(I like to stay active, as such I live a ketogenic lifestyle. Attempting the Philadelphia Triathlon this Summer. Pray for me…)


(TED Talks, r/Futurology,, Greek Mythology)

Sexual Interests



(I love games of all sorts. Steam indie video games are my go to. But I also enjoy table top, cards, and hitting the casino every now and then)

Dog Lover

(Man’s most loyal friend for a reason. Humans will never be able to possess the stillness they have. I envy them very much)


(I am a expert at more than just being an escort. Quite a few young minds I get the chance to shape with my worldly experience)

"Sex is a gift. Some go their entire lives without treating themselves to it."

Take control of your destiny! Read the instructions on my contact page for information on how to book an appointment.

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